Ergonomics is the scientific study of man in relation to his environment. This can be a product, a room or a workplace. Ergonomics is an integral part of our daily lives, but it is particularly well known in work situations. It is derived from the Greek words ‘ergon’ (work) and ‘nomos’ (law) and aims to ensure the safety and health of workers. In the design of consumer goods and interiors, comfort and effective functioning are of primary importance.


Ergonomics provides sustainable added value.

Employees are the most important productive factor in today’s knowledge-based economy. Companies that offer perfect ergonomics in the workplace benefit from sustainably productive, highly motivated and high-performing employees, who work more efficiently and deliver better results. Studies by the Fraunhofer Institut show that up to 36 percent more production can be achieved in this way.

Taxing working conditions also put a strain on the company’s efficiency balance.

Fatigue, reduced performance, frequent breaks due to pain, lack of motivation and sub-optimal work results are even more important before the employee reports sick.

Only ergonomically well thought-out office design can enable employees to fully develop their potential in the long term.

Modern occupational science aims to adapt working conditions to people rather than the other way round.

Let the people at All Interior Solutions N.V. advise you about the products they can offer you, so that work remains fun.


Creating an optimal workplace requires a lot of insight. Many factors have to be taken into account.

Our consultants have many years of experience in creating a working environment in which a good balance is found between the appearance and functionality of the workplace.

Your productivity, creativity, collegiality and health will increase as you work on your ideal workplace.

Our collection offers many possibilities in terms of working methods, appearance and ergonomics.

We will gladly discuss your wishes with you and the possibilities for your office.

You are most welcome in our showroom in Geyersflijt, where we have a number of workplaces for you.


The office chair is a chair designed to be used in an office environment. This places additional demands on the office chair. The office chairs in our collection can be regulated in such a way that they provide optimal support for a good position of the back and arms.

Our large collection of office chairs undoubtedly includes a model that suits you in terms of appearance and seating comfort. It goes without saying that many options are possible per model, including colour and choice of fabric, material footstool, lumbar support etc.

Our advisors will be happy to help you make the right choice of office chair and provide you and your employees with sound seating advice. A trial placement of the office chairs is one of the possibilities.